AKC Supports Rhode Island Bill to Allow for Domestic Protection Orders for Pets

Rhode Island House Bill 7167, which will be heard by the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, February 7, seeks to allow domestic protection orders issued in the state to also order for the safety and welfare of all household animals and pets.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) supports H7167’s amendments to the state’s domestic violence statutes allowing for the issuance of protective orders that seek to guard pets from harm, risk of harm, or alienation.  These provisions should not impact the legal status of animals as property.

Click here to read AKC’s Canine Legislation Position Statement on Protections for Pets Under State Domestic Violence Acts.

Rhode Island dog owners are encouraged to email the members and clerk of the House Judiciary Committee and express support of H7167 prior to their February 7 hearing. Click here to view the Committee’s February 7 agenda. 

Representative Cale P. Keable, Chairperson –  rep-keable@rilegislature.gov

Representative Edith H. Ajello, First Vice-Chairwoman – rep-ajello@rilegislature.gov

Representative Carol Hagan McEntee, Second Vice-Chairwoman – rep-mcentee@rilegislature.gov

Representative Joseph S. Almeida – rep-almeida@rilegislature.gov

Representative Dennis M. Canario – rep-canario@rilegislature.gov

Representative Arthur J. Corvese – rep-corvese@rilegislature.gov

Representative David A. Coughlin, Jr. – rep-coughlin@rilegislature.gov

Representative Robert E. Craven, Sr. – rep-craven@rilegislature.gov

Representative John G. Edwards – rep-edwards@rilegislature.gov

Representative Blake A. Filippi – rep-filippi@rilegislature.gov

Representative Jason Knight – rep-knight@rilegislature.gov

Representative Jeremiah T. O'Grady – rep-ogrady@rilegislature.gov

Representative Justin Price – rep-price@rilegislature.gov

Representative Sherry Roberts – rep-roberts@rilegislature.gov

Representative Evan P. Shanley – rep-shanley@rilegislature.gov

Representative Camille Vella-Wilkinson – rep-vella-wilkinson@rilegislature.gov

Committee Clerk Roberta Dimezza -- rdimezza@rilegislature.gov

For more information on H7167, contact AKC’s Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720, or email doglaw@akc.org