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Komondor Meet the Breeds
Why hello there! This affable Komondor was happy to greet us as we set out on our Meet the Breeds adventure.
Bloodhound Meet the Breeds
The event is the perfect opportunity to get to know virtually all the breeds the AKC recognizes… like this trusty Bloodhound.
Borzoi Meet the Breeds
This Borzoi lives for affection and attention. The breed is somewhat active outside, but is typically quiet and catlike in the home.
Miniature Poodles Meet the Breeds
These cuties are two peas in a pod!
Clumber Spaniel Meet the Breeds
Has this princess found her dog in shining armor? We think so!
Bichon Frises Meet the Breeds
Though Flynn, the Bichon Frise, ended up taking the coveted Best in Show, the competition certainly put up a good fight.
Afghan Hound Meet the Breeds
Look at the joy this affectionate pooch brings to the lives of those around him!
Belgian Tervuren Meet the Breeds
For those curious about certain breeds, the owners manning the booths are incredibly informative and knowledgeable.
Bedlington Terrier Meet the Breeds
An easy identifier of the Bedlington Terrier is its little pom pom ears! Here are five things you might not know about the traditionally coiffed breed.
Bloodhound Meet the Breeds
The Bloodhound is a breed you’ve most certainly seen captured in cartoons throughout the years. Own one already? Here are ten things you might relate to.
Boxer Meet the Breeds
This adorable Boxer had a kissing booth set up and spent the majority of the day spreading some love. Boxers are currently the 10th most popular breed, and for good reason: though they definitely pack a punch (they are very strong dogs!), their fun-loving nature and sense of humor is really hard not to fall in love with immediately.
Chow Chow Meet the Breeds
Meanwhile, over at the Chow Chow booth, these dogs were excelling at what they do best: being adorable.
Airedale Terrier Meet the Breeds
This Airedale Terrier stole our hearts! Stationed in a British-themed bus, he spent the day making new friends.
Basset Hounds Meet the Breeds
Three Basset Hounds doing what they do best: snoozing!
Dogs at Meet the Breeds
Here’s a question: How many dogs do you see in this image?
Old English Sheepdog Meet the Breeds
The resemblance this owner has to his Old English Sheepdogs is undeniable!
Giant Schnauzer Meet the Breeds
Gotta love a big dog who thinks he’s a little one.
Golden Retriever Meet the Breeds
The Golden Retrievers we spotted at MTB were class acts (they’re currently the third most popular breed).
Newfoundland Meet the Breeds
The bib says it all: Drool's Best Friend.
Greyound Meet the Breeds
Posing for photos is just part of the job for the dogs hanging out at MTB.
Rottweiler Meet the Breeds
This dog is going full speed with his "hater blockers" on.
Samoyed Meet the Breeds
Behold the Samoyed in his natural habitat: Hanging with his favorite people (everyone). Gentle and super friendly, what’s not to love about a breed whose number one identifier is a wide canine grin?
Saint Bernard Meet the Breeds
It’s hard to mistake a Saint Bernard — you can see it walking around from practically miles away.
Keeshond Meet the Breeds
Looks like this little Keeshond made a new friend! The lively breed gets along wonderfully with children.
Two Newfoundlands Meet the Breeds
In case there was any confusion, no, these are definitely not bears — they are black and white, or Landseer, Newfoundlands!
Newfoundland Meet the Breeds
You’ve gotta be okay with a little bit of slobber to own a Newfoundland, that’s for sure.
Great Dane Meet the Breeds
Easygoing, loyal and large, Great Danes are wonderful companions… as long as you’re able to get in a walk two to three times a day.
Bull Terrier Meet the Breeds
One of the more unique looking breeds, Bull Terriers are energetic and sport a short and glossy coat.
Mastiff Meet the Breeds
This brindle Mastiff is fit for a princess! The breed is easygoing and responds well to training, which makes it a great sidekick.
Manchester Terrier Meet the Breeds
On the smaller end of the spectrum, we have the Manchester Terrier.
Ibizan Hound Meet the Breeds
This fair furred Ibizan Hound is out to steal hearts.
Lagotto Romagnoli Meet the Breeds
Enjoy this gang of Lagotto Romagnoli!
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Meet the Breeds
This Greater Swiss Mountain Dog may trump his new friend in size, but not in affection.
Irish Red and White Setter Meet the Breeds
This Irish Red and White Setter brings joy to everyone who ruffles her ears.
Italian Greyhound Meet the Breeds
What a winsome pair this Italian Greyhound and her owner make!
Dalmatian Meet the Breeds
Lucky us! We met a sleepy Dalmatian pup held by his owner in a matching canine-adorned cardigan.
Beauceron Meet the Breeds
This friendly Beauceron is all about giving kisses.
Rottweiler Meet the Breeds
Wonder dog to the rescue! What a darling Rottie.
Bergamasco Meet the Breeds
We were smitten with this sweet Bergamasco. The breed is a relatively new inductee to the AKC, having gained recognition in 2015. Bergamascos are whip smart and super patient.
Shih Tzu Meet the Breeds
Ahhh, the highly regarded Shih Tzu. Who can resist those itty bitty braids and big eyes?
Lagotto Romagnolo Meet the Breeds
The Lagotto Romagnolo is also known as the “truffle hunter.” The Lagotto is the only purebred dog in the world recognized as a specialized truffle searcher.

Seven groups, 190 breeds, two piers by the Hudson and one Saturday in New York City, Westminster’s annual Meet the Breeds is a true melting pot of nearly every purebred dog you can think of. From Borzoi and Bearded Collies to Basset Hounds and Bichon Frises (shout out to Flynn, the winner of 2018’s Best in Show), here are 41 canines of all shapes and sizes we came across at this diverse celebration of man’s best friend.

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