October 8, 2013

Dear Tracking Judge,

The AKC has assembled a Tracking Advisory FOCUS Group to develop recommendations that will reduce the administrative and financial burden on clubs hosting tracking events. The 2013 Tracking Advisory FOCUS Group members are: Meg Azevedo, Ray Desmarais, Terri Everwine, Jean Hilbig, Ule James, Ron Seeley and Jeff Shaver. This group will be led by Carol Ruthenberg, AKC Tracking Independent Contractor.

All group members are AKC Tracking Judges and may be reached via their email addresses listed in the AKC Judges Directory. The deadline to submit ideas to the group for consideration is December 31, 2013. AKC staff will consider all recommendations and make the final decisions on implementation.


Pamela Manaton Diane Schultz
Director Sr. Executive Staff Field Representative
Obedience, Rally & Tracking Tracking, Obedience & Rally


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