AKC Tracking Newsletter

July 2013

Regulation Updates:
  • The newest version of the Regulations are available at this link.
  • Judges may receive one complimentary copy of the new regulations by calling AKC Customer Service 919-233-9767. Do not call to order the new book until you see the new book posted online. When calling you must:
    • identify yourself as a judge for the sport of which you are requesting a regulation book
    • provide your AKC judge’s number
    • verify your mailing address
Memo Sent to Clubs Approved to Hold Tracking Events
Follow this link to view a memo issued to all AKC clubs licensed to hold tracking events.

New Tracking Event!!!
TDU — Effective August 1, 2013, clubs may begin applying to hold the new Tracking Dog Urban (TDU) Optional Tracking Test for events held on or after January 1, 2014. If your club is approved to hold tracking events of any kind it is eligible to hold the TDU Test. Judges eligible to judge TD events will also be eligible to judge TDU events. See more information here.

All American Dogs at AKC Tracking Events
Effective January 1, 2014 dogs enrolled in the AKC Canine PartnersSM Program may enter All-Breed tracking tests at the club’s option and clubs must indicate this on their event application.

Use of the Alternate Track
The purpose of plotting an alternate track is to have a track available should a test track be fouled. AN UNUSED alternate track may be used for a titling track provided it was plotted on the day of plotting.
Judges are held to the maximum allowed tracks a day as noted in the Regulations.

As an example: combined TD/TDX test, the club applied to offer a 4/3 test with 2 judges, the judges plot 5 T’s and 4 X’s; if the alternate T is not needed to replace a fouled T track it can be used for titling on test day. If the alternate X track is not needed to replace a fouled track it cannot be used as a titling track because it exceeds the judges’ limits.

Article Selection at Tests
  • Judges to approve all articles
  • Articles to be in tracklayer’s possession long enough to ensure they carry primarily the scent of each individual tracklayer and not the scent of others
  • TD — Two, one cloth, approximate size of glove or wallet; one glove or wallet
  • TDX — Four, personal (of relating to or affecting a particular person, private, individual), dissimilar (not alike, different), about the size of a glove or wallet; only the last article may be a glove or wallet
  • VST — Four, dissimilar, common everyday items, easily carried by tracklayer and safely picked up by the dog, not smaller than 2” x 4” or larger than 5” x 5”, weigh no more than 8 oz., one leather, one rigid or semi-rigid plastic, one metal and one fabric
  • TDU — Three, personal, dissimilar fabric or leather size of a glove or wallet; last article glove or wallet
Judges should take the time to discuss and agree on a sound procedure for selecting and approving articles prior to the test. This information should then be relayed to the Tracking Chairperson so it can be shared with the tracklayers.

2014 AKC Judges Directory
The 2014 Judges Directory will be available in January 2014.

Please review your contact information located on the AKC Website using the Searchable Judges Directory and submit any corrections or changes using this form.

It is very important that you return this form by September 16, 2013. As a service to clubs, AKC will be providing judges the opportunity to list their judging fee, at their discretion, as a part of the AKC Online Directory this will be a valuable tool for the show giving clubs as they plan their judging panels and review cost.

Contact information may include phone numbers, fax, email, one mailing address and judging fee. In addition, please take a moment to review and complete the change of address/contact information form.
Please be advised that fees will not be a searchable field within the Online Judge’s Directory as that information will only be accessible by visiting a judge’s individual page within the online directory.
Reminder, you may manage your own contact information within your MY AKC On-Line Account at the AKC Website. To create a "MY AKC Account" to manage and view your contact information online, click here and follow the instructions to create an account.

Return the form to: Janice Sondys, Companion Events – Judge Directory Info, 8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100, Raleigh, NC  27617. You may email it to Janice at jms@akc.org or fax to 919-816-4204.
Please do not return the Change of Contact Form if no additions or changes are required.

Upcoming National Events – Obedience
Be sure to visit the AKC website to stay informed about everything AKC related. The Companion Events Department has several National Events in the works and updates will be posted on a regular basis.
We are pleased to be able to offer the National Tracking Invitational once again and encourage the fancy to support this event. The NTI will be held at Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest, Clermont, Kentucky, September 28 & 29.

To learn more information visit the NTI Home page.

New AKC Tracking Independent Contractor
The Companion Events Department is pleased to announce the addition of Mrs. Carol Ruthenberg of Illinois to the AKC Tracking program. Carol has been involved with tracking for over 25 years and started judging in 1986.  She is a long time dog fancier and is a dedicated local and national club member. Carol brings a wealth of knowledge to this position and an eager zest to assist judges and clubs.  As an independent contractor Carol will be able to continue to enjoy her role as a judge and exhibitor. Please join us in welcoming Carol in her new role.

Until Next Time…

Remember, YOU Make it Work!
Your continuing efforts to judge in a friendly, courteous, honest, impartial and consistent manner are appreciated by exhibitors, clubs and the Companion Events Department. Keep up the good work.


Pamela Manaton
Pamela Manaton, Director of Obedience, Rally & Tracking
Diane Schultz, Sr. Executive Field Representative of Tracking, Obedience & Rally

Comments, Questions, or Suggested Topics Please feel free to send any comments or suggestions for future topics to tracking@akc.org.