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Dear Tracking Judges,

Judge’s Application Requirements – Minimum requirements to apply to judge each level were revised and updated effective January 1, 2010. Applicants may apply under the new or previous requirements up until January 1, 2011. After that date only applications that meet the new requirements will be accepted.

Tracking Regulations – Changes to the AKC Tracking Regulations became effective January 1, 2010. All revisions were to be underlined; however, the following revisions are missing that underline:

Chapter 5, Variable Surface Tracking Test
Section 3. Track Requirements.
3. The length of each of the legs of the track will be at least thirty (30) yards. Parallel legs will not be within fifty (50) yards of each other unless a contiguous building or structure physically blocks access between the parallel legs.

Section 6. General Requirements
4. The same tracklayer may not be used on contiguous tracks. A tracklayer may cross an adjacent track in order to exit the field on test days, provided the track being crossed was not laid by the tracklayer or a member of the tracklayer’s household.

Tracking Test Manual – The AKC Tracking Test Manual is now available free of charge (online only) and can be downloaded here.

Questions from the Field

Q. Can I apprentice and serve on the Tracking Test Committee at the same time?
Answer: Yes you can apprentice and be on the test committee. However, if there should be an event committee hearing you may not be able to serve at the event hearing due to the apprentice obligations.
Q. If a club allows a bitch in season to participate, when does she get to track – after the last entrant or after the alternate?
Answer: If the bitch in season is one of the entrants drawn to run in the test, she gets the last track of all the entrants. Then if an unused alternate track is available, the alternate may get to run at the option of the judges. (Tracking Regulations Chapter 2, Section 8)
Q. Who decides if an alternate track will be used as a titling track?
Answer: The priority use of the alternate track is to replace a fouled track. When an unused alternate track is available, it may be used as a titling track, if agreed upon by both judges. (Tracking Regulations Chapter 2, Section 5.)
Q. Who decides who may run an unused alternate track?
Answer: The Tracking Test Committee. (Tracking Regulations Chapter 1, Section 2)
Q. What should judges do if a dog is growling (without attempting to attack) and being very protective on the field after the completion of the track? If he passes, is he marked as “passed?”
Answer: Yes, if the dog completed the track successfully the dog is marked as “Passed.” Complete the charts accordingly and mark the judge’s book “Excused for threatening or menacing.” (Rules Applying to Dog Shows, Chapter 11, Section 8-A)
Q. Can a three-legged dog participate in tracking tests?
Answer: No. A three-legged dog would be considered lame. A dog that is lame may not compete. Lame is defined as irregularity or impairment of function of locomotion, irrespective of the cause or how slight or severe. (Obedience Regulations, Chapter 1, Section 17 and “Glossary of Terms”)
Q. Is it AKC policy not to allow videotaping at tracking tests?
Answer: No, this is a policy some clubs have chosen to state in their premium lists.
Q. Can an exhibitor use a GPS device at a test?
Answer: No. The only items permitted on the tracking field are those items considered by the judges to be essential to the conduct of the test and permitted by the Regulations. (Tracking Regulations, Chapter 2, Section 19)
AKC Tracking Tests by the Numbers — Comparison 2008 – 2009

  2008 Events 2009 Events 2008 Entries 2009 Entries Difference Entries
Tracking TD
Tracking TDX
Tracking VST

Observations Needed?
Please be sure to send your observation requests to cejdgobs@akc.org as far in advance as possible.

Remember, You Make it Work!
Your continuing efforts to judge in a friendly, courteous, impartial and consistent manner are appreciated
by exhibitors, clubs and the Companion Events Department.

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Please feel free to send any comments or suggestions for future topics to Tracking . If you have any situation while judging that requires immediate attention, please contact Diane Schultz at 386-871-8715.


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