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Supplement to July/August Obedience & Rally Judges Newsletter
The following is a supplement to the July/August Newsletter that was recently published. In this supplement are clarifications for Marking the Judges Book, Graduate Open Go Out exercise, the Beginner Novice Class, and the Obedience Advanced Teamwork Class.

Marking the Judges Book
QUESTION: “What is the correct way to mark the judge’s book when an exhibitor leaves the ring before all individual exercises are completed?”

ANSWER: If a handler leaves the ring before all individual exercises have been completed, mark the judge’s book NQ and state “handler left ring”. Do not mark this exhibitor “excused”. Obedience exhibitors are not allowed to excuse themselves.

Clarification – If a handler asks to be excused you may politely say “I can not excuse you,but I can not stop you from leaving the ring.” The book is still marked as NQ and not “excused”.

Graduate Open Go Out

Now that this class is in full swing and many exhibitors are entering and judges have had some experience judging it, a question has been asked regarding how the handler should return to the dog during the Go Out exercise. It does not specify in the regulations that the handler should return to heel position as in the group exercises (around behind the dog). It is acceptable in this exercise if the handler returns to the dog and then goes directly to heel position without going around behind the dog.

Beginner Novice Recall – Placement of Leash

During this exercise when the handler removes the leash they may hold it in either hand, both hands, draped around the neck or in any natural manner. The leash should not be dragging on the ground.

Beginner Novice Sit Stay – Placement of the Dog

There seems to be a great deal of confusion about WHERE to place the dog for the Sit Stay exercise in Beginner Novice. The regulations were written with the intention of having the dog placed in the middle of the ring. Here is a diagram of how this exercise should be performed. The judge may decide to have the handlers walk either clockwise or counter clockwise as long as all handlers walk in the same direction.

Beginner Novice Run-off Procedure
In the case of a tie between dogs in the Beginner Novice class, each dog eligible for the run-off will be tested again, individually, by performing the entire Heel on Leash exercise. The signs will be arranged in the same pattern that was used in the class.

Obedience Advanced Teamwork – Send Away Scoring.

Chapter 15, Section 11. Obedience Advanced Teamwork
Anticipating the handler’s command and/or signal to go to the designated area; failure to leave the handler; failure to sit, stand or down at the pylon and/orinside thesquare as directed, or remain in the required position until otherwise directed will result in all points being deducted for the exercise. Minor or substantial deductions will be for a dog thatreceives an additional command to sit, stand or down after the dog has stopped, or that anticipates the handler’s command to sit, stand or down. Depending on the extent of the violation, minor or substantial deductions will be made for slowness or hesitation in going out to the pylon and/or square. All appropriate penalties listed under the Novice Heel Free, Novice Recall and Directed Jumping will apply.

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