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Join the Fun! Celebrate the 10th anniversary of AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days by Hosting an Event!
RDO Mascot Thinking about signing up for AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days, sponsored by Motel 6 and TimberTech?

Well, it's not too late! AKC will be accepting events here until August 17, 2012. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Responsible Dog Ownership Days, we're offering a brand new kit this year, with hats, car window decals and updated brochures!

If you're an AKC club, hosting a RDO Day counts toward your Eligibility Requirements to Hold Future Dog Shows.

Your event will also be listed in this directory.

For event ideas and additional information, visit here.
AKC's Flagship Responsible Dog Ownership Day
AKC will be celebrating the Flagship RDO Day, sponsored by Cosequin Available at RescuePetSupply.com, in Raleigh, N.C. on September 22nd at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds from 10am to 3pm.

Bring your dog and participate in a variety of events, including:

My Dog Can Do That: Try an Agility or AKC Rally® course with your dog with the help of an experienced trainer!
Canine Good Citizen testing: Prepare for the test here.
red shirts
The first 500 families to arrive will also receive a free goody bag. There are games, facepainting and more for the kids! Learn more here.

Specialty clubs are also invited to participate with their breeds. Contact ncrdoday@akc.org if you'd like to run a breed booth.
Event Ideas from other Clubs
RDO Day Still not sure what to do for AKC RDO Day? Here is a sample of entries from clubs who have already registered their event.

Obedience Training Club of Wichita Falls — Sept. 11th in Wichita Falls, TX: The OTCWF is attending the Texas-Oklahoma Fair and plans to bring their best crowd-loving dogs out to promote the club's Obedience and Agility classes and responsible dog ownership. They're encouraging the public to watch their demos and meet their dogs!

Green Mountain Golden Retriever Club — Sept. 16th in Shelburne, VT: Club members are bringing their Golden Retrievers to meet the public at Shelburne Museum's "Goes to the Dogs" event. Attendees will also be able to watch demos, visit with other clubs and rescue groups, and have fun with their dog!

West Oklahoma Kennel Club and Sooner State Kennel Club — Sept. 22nd in Oklahoma City, OK: The club is inviting the public to bring their dogs to the event and try obedience, AKC Rally® and agility. They're also offering a pet costume contest, children's area, a B Match, Canine Good Citizen Testing and a microchip clinic.

Golden Triangle Kennel Club of Mississippi — Sept. 29th in Starkville, MS: Visitors will be able to watch a Parade of Breeds, get their dog microchipped, play games, learn about AKC events and the club's classes, and watch club members demonstrate different dog sports like obedience, AKC Rally® and agility.

For more about these events or to find an event in your area, visit here.
Promote Your Day!
Here are some things your club can do to get the word out about its AKC RDO Day event:
Get a proclamation from your mayor or governor (also see our sample proclamation)
Send a press release and a media alert to your local media and set up interviews with reporters about your event and its purpose
Pitch AKC RDO Day as a Newspaper Editorial topic (also see our sample editorial)
Here are some links to help you with your pitching:
For additional public relations tips, refer to Spreading the Word: AKC PR Tips & Tools Guide
Promote your day!
Host an AKC CAR Microchip Clinic
Dog Microchip Perfect for your Responsible Dog Ownership Day event, microchipping offers local pet owners the permanent pet identification they need and provides you the opportunity to further promote the good works of your organization. AKC Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR) makes hosting a microchipping clinic easier than ever. Read more about hosting an AKC CAR microchip clinic here.

For further details about hosting a clinic or to obtain microchips, please contact AKC CAR's Joyce Prapuolenis at 800-252-7894 (toll-free), 919-816-3808 or jxp2@akccar.org.
Sign the AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Pet Promise
Pet promise Help us celebrate RDOD's 10th anniversary by assisting us in reaching 10,000 signatures on the AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Pet Promise.

Sign it here.

You can also post the Pet Promise at your event and have attendees sign it.

The printable version is available here.
RDO Day Idea: Host a Drawing Contest at Your Event
Kid Drawing For this year's AKC art contest, we're asking kids to draw, paint or color a picture showing how they are a responsible dog owner. We'd like to get the kids who attend RDO Days involved.

Invite kids at your event to draw or color a picture. You can give prizes or just hang the artwork for all attendees to enjoy.

After your event, send the artwork to us and we'll enter it in the nationwide AKC Art Contest. Additional information about the contest, including a list of prizes, is located here.
RDO Days in the Classroom
RDO Classroom Day Responsible Dog Ownership Days in the Classroom is returning for another year! If you are an AKC Canine Ambassador and you have a school, library, 4-H or community center visit or presentation coming up in or around September, we invite you to participate in this program.

RDO Days in the Classroom is an offshoot of the Responsible Dog Ownership Days program, where AKC clubs and dog organizations across the country host community events celebrating the importance of responsible dog ownership.

We encourage our Canine Ambassadors to incorporate the responsible dog ownership message into presentations they make to local kids.

RDO Days in the Classroom participants will receive a special kit to use with their presentation.

There are a total of 400 kits available and Canine Ambassadors may request up to 5 kits. Kits will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

To reserve your kit, please respond to communications@akc.org with the following information:

Club Affiliation:
Program Details: (Date/Location/Summary; or an estimate if these details are not finalized)
# of Kits Requested:
Mailing Address:
Contact Phone Number:
Contact Email:

We will list your event and club affiliation on a special page here.
AKC Canine Good Citizen and AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days
AKC CGC logo Hosting or thinking about hosting an AKC Canine Good Citizen® test sometime in September? If you do, register it as an AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days event and you'll receive a free packet of educational materials to distribute to your participants and students. AKC CGC testing is often one of the most popular parts of all AKC RDO Days, and obviously, a great indicator of responsible ownership!

Check out the Canine Good Citizen blog and Facebook page for more on the CGC program!
Thanks to all of the clubs that celebrate AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days with us each year. Make sure to 'Like' and 'Follow' us on Facebook (AmericanKennelClub) and Twitter (@akcdoglovers) to participate in this year's Virtual AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days too!

We'd love to hear about your Responsible Dog Ownership Day. Please send any recaps or media coverage to: Stephanie Smith, Club Communications Manager, American Kennel Club, 4th Floor, 260 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016 or send us the details in an email to communications@akc.org. We look forward to hearing from you.


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