AKC Agility's In the Zone - December 2012
AKC Agility's In the Zone
Volume 2, Issue 5, December 2012
Effective January 1, 2013
Regular to Preferred class crossover (the below regulation replaces what is currently in the Regulations for Agility Trials)

Chapter 8
Section 3. Eligibility. The Preferred classes are open to any dog eligible to enter an agility trial as defined in Chapter 1, Section 3. The same regulations apply for divisions A and B as those described for the regular titling classes.

The owner may choose to enter the Preferred classes at any trial. The dog must be entered only in Preferred classes or Regular classes, with no crossover between them being allowed at the same set of back-to-back trials.

Dog are allowed to switch back and forth between the Preferred classes and the Regular classes, but not at the same set of trials. This change may not be made after the close of entry for a trial.

Section 4. Classes. The Preferred Standard and Jumpers With Weaves Classes are:
Preferred Standard Classes
Novice Agility Standard Preferred
Open Agility Standard Preferred
Excellent A Agility Standard Preferred
Master Agility Standard Preferred

Preferred Jumpers With Weaves Classes
Novice Jumpers With Weaves Preferred
Open Jumpers With Weaves Preferred
Excellent A Jumpers With Weaves Preferred
Master Jumpers With Weaves Preferred

A club holding an agility trial must offer all of the Preferred classes and Preferred class levels equivalent to the Regular class levels being offered at the trial. It is highly recommended that the Preferred classes be run concurrently with the Regular classes using the same course as the Regular classes to minimize exhibitor walkthroughs, judge’s briefings, and jump height changes.

All dogs entering the Preferred classes for the first time must enter the Novice level in both the Standard Preferred class, the Jumpers With Weaves Preferred class, and the FAST Preferred Class unless they are crossing over  from the Regular classes. If the dog is crossing over from the Regular classes to the Preferred classes, they may be entered at the level the dog is eligible to compete at in the Regular classes. Dogs may do crossovers in different classes at different times. Each change from Regular to Preferred is considered separately for Standard, Jumpers, and FAST.This is a one-time crossover and the dog’s eligibility is determined as of the date that they receive a qualifying score in the Preferred class (example: a dog with an AX and OAJ and no legs at a higher level in either class may be entered in the Standard Preferred classes in Master Standard Preferred, Excellent A Standard Preferred, or Novice Standard Preferred and in the Jumpers with Weaves Preferred classes in Excellent A JWW Preferred, Open JWW Preferred, or Novice JWW Preferred).

Once a qualifying score is earned the dog is no longer eligible to be entered in a different class level for future entries in Preferred if they were entered using the one time crossover.
There is no grandfathering of titles or points from the Regular classes to the Preferred classes or from the Preferred Classes to the Regular classes. These classes are separate titling programs.

• Dogs may be entered in only one (1) Standard Preferred class, one (1) Jumpers With Weaves Preferred class, one (1) FAST Preferred class, and one (1) Time 2 Beat Preferred class per trial.

• A dog may continue to compete at each level until they achieve a qualifying score at the next higher level. If the dog has crossed over from Regular and has not received a qualifying score in the entered Preferred level and there is a lower level they are eligible to enter they may do so for any trials that have not closed and the requested class(es) are not filled.

• The Standard Preferred class, the Jumpers with Weaves Preferred, the FAST Preferred class and the Time 2 Beat Preferred class are separate titling programs and a dog may advance faster in one than the other. A dog that has achieved its Novice Agility Jumper Preferred (NJP) title is eligible for and may enter the Open Jumpers With Weaves Preferred class. The same dog must also achieve three (3) qualifying scores in the Novice Standard Preferred class before being eligible to move-up to the Open Standard Preferred class, etc).  This progression also applies on a crossover from Regular to Preferred. Once the dog has received a qualifying score at a class level in which they are eligible when they crossover, they then follow the above noted title progression from the level in which the qualifying leg was received.

In order to acquire a Preferred Agility title a dog must earn the following number of qualifying scores per Preferred class level under at least two (2) different judges. (See chart of Qualifying Scores)

Qualifying Scores

Regular to Preferred class crossover FAQ’s

When is this change effective?  For any shows on or after January 1, 2013 you may enter your dog in Preferred at the level it is eligible to compete at in the Regular classes.

Can I start my dog back at the Novice preferred level if I have a MACH?  Yes you can. You may enter your dog in either the Master OR Novice preferred class level. If you choose to start your dog at the Novice Preferred level and earn a leg, than you have not used your crossover and are still eligible to enter your dog and earn legs at the Master Preferred level. If you crossover at the Master Preferred level and earn a leg than you are no longer allowed to enter your dog at the Novice Preferred level.;

What if we don’t get a Novice preferred leg after a weekend and were eligible for Master level when we crossed over, can I enter my dog in Master preferred the next time?  Yes you can for any trials that have not closed. If you enter Master preferred and your dog gets a leg at that level then you are no longer eligible to enter your dog at a lower preferred level.

Can I transfer my dogs MACH points and QQ’s when we crossover to Preferred?  Sorry, those are non-transferrable. Preferred and Regular are 2 different titling tracks.

If I finish my MACH on Saturday can I move my dog to Preferred for Sunday?  No you may not. You can only crossover from Regular to Preferred when entering the trial. Once the original closing date for the trial is reached you may not change your entry. This is NOT a “move-up” and may not be done the Monday prior, the morning of the show or for the next day of a trial weekend.

When my dog started in Agility I entered in the Preferred classes. I got 2 legs in Novice JWW then decided to move to Regular without finishing the NJP title. He is now eligible to compete at the Excellent A level in Regular. Can I enter him in Excellent A JWW Preferred?  Yes you can. For the one time crossover you can leave preferred titles unfinished if your dog is eligible for a higher class. Once your dog gets a qualifying leg in Excellent A JWW preferred you may no longer enter your dog in a lower preferred level.

What if my dog has the Regular “Agility FAST Open” title and the Regular “Novice Agility Jumper” title with no legs received in the higher classes and crossed over to Preferred then we went on to finish a PACH, can I move my dog back to Regular?  Yes you can. Your dog would be eligible to enter Open or Excellent A FAST and Novice B or Open JWW. You would return to the entry eligibility you had prior to moving to Preferred from Regular

Can I cross over from Preferred to Regular? No you may not. The crossover is only allowed from Regular to Preferred.

(Revised 11/16/2012)

Until next time, have fun with your dogs and stay In The Zone!
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