AKC Agility's In the Zone - April 2012
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AKC Agility's In the Zone
Volume 2, Issue 2, April 2012
Hello, Agility Exhibitors!

It is hard to believe that April is here. This is one of the times of year that agility trials are being held in almost every state. If you are looking for an agility trial near you, please use the AKC Events Search page here. This is also a great way to locate trials in other parts of the country that you can enter if you are traveling during spring or summer vacation.

Wishing you lots of fun runs and always remember; have fun with your dogs!

Congratulations Tori Self & Rev for placing 2nd in Jumping, 3rd in Agility (standard), and 5th in the Finals at the 2012 Crufts International Agility Competition
Tori Self and Rev

Nineteen year-old college student Tori Self, from Orlando, Florida, and her Border Collie, NAC MACH Sagehill's Change the World OF "Rev" represented the American Kennel Club in the Crufts International Agility Competition. They again showed the world that AKC agility teams are a force to be reckoned with!

Tori and Rev were selected based on their accomplishments in 2011 which include an AKC National Championship in the 26" height class and winning the Large Dog Team Jumping class over 93 teams at the 2011 FCI World Agility Championships in France. Tori is a former AKC Junior handler who now balances her college life with her Agility training and competition.

Watch Tori and Rev's three runs on the AKC Youtube channel here ►

For more about Crufts, visit here ►

2012 National Agility Championship

Another wonderful National Championship is in the record books. Over 900 dogs from across the country completed more than 4,200 total runs during the 3-day event held in Reno, NV on March 30 – April 1.

Please congratulate our eleven new champions!

AKC National Agility Champions

AKC National Agility Champions:

  • 8" – CH MACH2 StarStruck Anticipation OF ("Carly," a Papillon) owned by Andrea Samuels of Westbury, New York
  • 12" – Bare Cove Tri To Keep Up MX MXJ NF ("Race," a Shetland Sheepdog) owned by Laura Dolan of Westford, Massachusetts
  • 16" – NAC MACH3 Luka De La Brise XF ("Luka," a Pyrenean Shepherd) owned by Ashley Deacon of Redwood City, California
  • 20" – MACH2 Contact Points Red Alert Of Lightfoot ("Zing!," a Border Collie) owned by Gabrielle Blackburn of Wesley Chapel, Florida
  • 24" – MACH Chiron Incyta More Smarts CD MXF ("Smartie," a Belgian Tervuren) owned by Julie Hill of Mandeville, Louisiana
  • 26" – NAC MACH Super Sun OF ("Solar," a Border Collie) owned by Daisy Peel of Bonney Lake, Washington
AKC Preferred National Agility Champions

AKC Preferred National Agility Champions:

  • 4" – Kaylin Special Edition AX AXJ MXP MJP ("Buddy Lee," a Papillon) owned by Dennis McCoy and handled by Mike McCoy of Pueblo, Colorado
  • 8" – MACH2 Willowbend Enchanted Evening MXP MJP NF ("Eve," a Pembroke Welsh Corgi) owned by Janelle Julyan of Chamblee, Georgia
  • 12" – MACH2 Guided Tour MXP MJP OF ("Tori," a Border Collie) owned by Beth Rogers of Glenview, Illinois
  • 16" – MACH PACH Barjor's Virtual Reality Emulator HSAs MXP4 MJP4 PAX MXF XFP ("Emma," a Border Collie) owned by Barbara Persson of Portland, Oregon
  • 20" – PACH2 Oliver OA AXJ MXP7 MJP9 PAX2 OF MFP TQXP ("Oliver," a Border Collie) owned by Ira Dauer of Howell, New Jersey

For more information on the Nationals including course maps, complete results, and pictures, please visit here ►

Plan now to attend next years' National Championship!

Plan now to join us next year in Tulsa, OK on March 15-17, 2013. This is a wonderful venue and we are excited about returning to Tulsa for the third time.

Not sure if your dog will qualify? Visit here to see qualification information ►

We would love to see you there!

But I didn't know I couldn't do that...

You do not want to be a handler who does not earn a leg because you did not know the rules. The Agility Regulations are your friend, if you know what they are. By knowing what is allowed, you have an advantage, as you know how you can help your dog in the ring. For example, instead of wondering if you should (or if you are allowed to) go back and try something again, you'll know when this is allowed and when it is not. Many a leg is lost because the handler did not know that they could still qualify if they had only... So give yourself every advantage that you can and improve your chances of qualifying; know the rules.

The Regulations for Agility Trials can be downloaded from here ►

To order a copy by phone, call 919-233-9767 and ask them to send you a copy of the Regulations for Agility Trials, stock #REAGIL.

New Event Calendar for your smart phones, iPods, Blackberrys, etc

The AKC has a new mobile event calendar that can be accessed from your smart phones, Droids, iPods, Blackberry. This is not an APP and is a direct download from the AKC web page.

To access, go into the AKC web site and then go to events ►

The system will recognize the type of unit you are using to access the system and will bring up a calendar for your use, listing events. You can go into each event and bring up the show information normally found on the AKC web site, event search. The calendar is set up from Thursday to Wednesday, with the weekend shown in the middle.

Now how cool is that!

AKC World Team

Thinking of trying out for the World Team? Any handler interested in earning a spot on the AKC World Team must attend the AKC World Team Tryouts. Tryouts will be held on May 4-6, 2012 (Friday is practice, random draw and briefing. Saturday and Sunday are the competition) in Hopkins, Minnesota. Entries close on Thursday, April 19 at 4 pm ET.

For more information please visit here ►

Spectators and volunteers to help at the event are also welcome!

Until next time, have fun with your dogs and stay In The Zone!
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