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Volume 1, Issue 5, August 2011
Hello, Agility Exhibitors!

We hope you are having a good month and having lots of fun running agility. One of the things that originally attracted many of us to this wonderful sport is the comradeship and support for one another found among agility exhibitors. I love this about our sport. Cheering for one another, encouraging words at just the right moment, and that all important smile for a job well done. Thanks for keeping these wonderful aspects of our sport alive and well!

Carrie DeYoung, Director of Agility

It is not too early to plan to attend
2011 Agility Invitational – Orlando, FL – December 16th – 18th

See the top dogs of each breed compete, as well as the first Junior Agility Competition. Complete information here.

For the very best seat in the house from which to watch the competition, join the wonderful group of agility volunteers. Just go online and fill out the short volunteer form. In addition to the best seat in the house, volunteers will receive an admission ticket, parking pass, lunch and snacks for each day for which they volunteer. They will also get a free volunteer t-shirt along with some other special "goodies".

We need your help! Please click here to volunteer.

Time 2 Beat – A New Titling Class

Another fun titling class is here! To find trials in your area that will be offering T2B, just go to the Events Search page for agility trials and make sure to click on "Time 2 Beat" as one of your search criteria. The search will then provide you with a list of all of the upcoming trials offering the new T2B class. Yes, it really is that easy!.

We have had such nice feedback on the practice T2B courses that we have been including in the Newsletter that we are giving you one more course that you can set up to practice for this new class. Have fun with it!

Time2Beat course
Remember – Time 2 Beat is NOT just for the fast dogs!

In case you are thinking that this is a class just for the fast dogs, please read on! While speed is a component of this class, it is not the only factor. If you have a dog that can hold an efficient line while running the T2B course your dog should do very well. Dogs need to have clean runs to set the time and earn qualifying legs for the class. The dog that posts the quickest time in each jump height sets the T2B for that jump height. Preferred dog in each jump height will set the T2B for the Preferred dogs in that height.

To get a T2B tile the dog will need to earn 100 points and 15 qualifying legs. With a clean run in T2B a dog can earn any where from 10 points down to 1 point. The equalizer in T2B is a dog needs to earn 15 legs. That would mean if a dog is with in 30% of the first place dog's time every time it runs, that dog and the first place dog would get the tile when both dogs have earned 15 legs. Example if the first place dog ran a time of 30 seconds earning 10 points the dog(s) that posted a time of 39 seconds would earn 7 points. The first place dog over the course of 15 Qs would have 150 points and the dog(s) with in 30% of the first place dog would have 105 points. Both the first place dog and the dog(s) with in 30% would then have enough points and legs to earn a T2B title.

Once a dog has earned a T2B title points and qualifying legs are set back to zero. There is no stock piling points or legs toward the next T2B title.

Complete information on T2B can be found here.

New Event Calendar for your smart phones, iPods, Blackberry, etc.

The AKC has a new mobile event calendar that can be accessed from your smart phones, Droids, iPods, Blackberry. This is not an APP and is a direct download from the AKC web page.

To access, go into the AKC web site and then go to events.

The system will recognize the type of unit you are using to access the system and will bring up a calendar for your use, listing events. You can go into each event and bring up the show information normally found on the AKC web site, event search. The calendar is set up from Thursday to Wednesday, with the weekend shown in the middle.

Now how cool is that!

AKC World Team Announced

Congratulations to all of the dog and handler teams that will be competing for the United States in Lievin, France on October 7th – 9th.

More information on the AKC World Team, FCI World Championship, World Team tryout coverage, courses, pictures, and results, please visit here.

AKC World Team

Front Row (left to right): Ashley Deacon, John Nyes, Terry Smorch, Tori Self, Rob Michalski, Daisy Peel, Laura Jones

Back Row (left to right): Carrie DeYoung, Maureen Waldron, Karen Holik, Marcy Mantell, Dee Anna Gamel, Heidi Vania, Barb Davis, Janet Dunn, Kathie Leggett, Nancy Gyes

Until next time, have fun with your dogs and stay In The Zone!
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