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April 2011
Hello, Agility Exhibitors!

We hope you are having a good month and having lots of fun running agility.

As we play this sport which we so love, at times we find ourselves running the course and shouting the wrong command, or giving the correct command too late, our arms sometimes flailing in multiple directions while our body position occasionally indicates the incorrect obstacle. All the while our wonderful dogs are doing their best to figure out what it is we really want them to do. Our dogs are really amazing creatures, loving us no matter what mistakes we make. It always warms our hearts watching agility exhibitors return the favor and give our dogs a well deserved hug at the end of a run. Here is to many more hugs for our dogs!

Carrie DeYoung, Director of Agility

National Agility Championship - Lexington, VA

The 2011 National Agility Championship is in the record books, and what an incredible event it was. A record entry, 5 rings of agility, and over 8,000 runs; just amazing!

The fun began on Thursday afternoon with the Time 2 Beat fun runs and did not stop until the completion of the Finals on Sunday afternoon. Congratulations to everyone who participated and a special thank you to the 200+ volunteers who make this event possible.

Some Fun Facts from Nationals

  • There were 97 different breeds participating.
  • There were 41 different states represented, with 5 dogs coming all of the way from Alaska.
  • More than 8,000 total runs at the event.
  • Almost 10% of all dogs entered had their AKC breed championship.
  • Two All-American dogs participated for the first time since the AKC Canine Partners program began allowing mixed-breed dogs to participate in the AKC Companion events of Agility, Obedience and Rally.
  • Thirteen Junior Handlers (under the age of 18) competed, the highest Junior entry ever.
  • Entries included twenty three past National Agility Champions.
  • 773 of the dogs entered had already earned a MACH title, including 418 dogs that had at least a MACH 2, and one dog with a MACH 16.
  • The 10 breeds with the highest number of dogs competing:
  1. Border Collie - 244
  2. Shetland Sheepdog - 222
  3. Australian Shepherd - 66
  4. Golden Retriever - 62
  5. Poodle - 45
  6. Pembroke Welsh Corgi - 41
  7. Labrador Retriever - 35
  8. Papillion - 33
  9. Miniature Schnauzer - 30
  10. Cocker Spaniel - 28
  • The state with the largest number of competitors was New Jersey with 91. Virginia had 61 dog and handler teams competing.
AKC National Agility Championship Winners

2011 AKC National Agility Champions - Lt to Rt (Back Row): AKC COO, John Lyons; Andrea Samuels & Sparkle; Patti Gagnon & Sparkle; Ashley Deacon & Luka; Judge, Scott Stock (Front Row): Tracy Golden & Blink; Rosanne Demascio & Drifter; Tori Self & Revolution

AKC National Agility Preferred

2011 AKC Preferred National Champions - Lt to Rt (Back Row): AKC COO, John Lyons; Sandi Osborne & Skyler; Barbara Scanlan & Taylor; Margaret Howes & Angel; Judge, Scott Stock, Judge (Front Row): Kelly Armstrong & Devon: Naci Berkoz & Rusty

For complete coverage, results, courses, and more pictures of the Nationals, please visit www.akc.org/events/agility/national_agility_championship/index.cfm

Time 2 Beat

We have received a lot of positive feedback on publishing a practice T2B course last month, so here is another one to help get your ready for the July 1 implementation date of this new titling class. When you find you have mastered the course, try reversing the flow and run it again. Have fun!

Complete information on T2B can be found at www.akc.org/events/agility/time2beat.cfm

Remember, up until July 1st your club can run a Time 2 Beat demo (Special Attraction) in conjunction with its agility trial. To do so, please complete a Special Attractions form, which can be downloaded from the AKC website on the Downloadable Forms page and return the form by fax to John Brading, Event Operations Manager, at 919-816-4210. Yes, it really is that easy!

After the Special Attraction form has been approved, a package of Time 2 Beat material will be sent to the club. This will include an Excel spreadsheet that provides the ability to score the class electronically along with a template for printing scribe sheets. Exhibitors can sign up to enter T2B the day of the show.

Time2Beat Course
Until next time, have fun with your dogs and stay In The Zone!
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