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Did You Know?

The Portuguese Podengo has been assigned the Hound Group designation.

Tito, Rosa and Nikki were very successful in Hollywood, appearing in Zeus & Roxanne, Three Wishes, Soccer Dog, Homeward Bound 2, Dante's Peak, Cheaper by the Dozen, Monster in Law, Lake...

From the May 2007 Board Meeting - The Portuguese Podengo will be eligible to compete in Companion Events effective January 1, 2008.

From the February 2013 Board Meeting - The Portuguese Podengo was approved to compete in the Miscellaneous Class effective January 1, 2014. The American Portuguese Podengo MedioGrand Club...

Most Podengos in Portugal are members of actively hunting packs. The first documented Portuguese Podengos of any size in America were the wire haired Portuguese Podengo Medios imported in...

Podengos are lively, agile, playful, alert, highly intelligent but not always easy to train, independent yet loving with the family and sometimes suspicious of strangers.

From the July 2007 Board Meeting - The Portuguese Podengo was approved to compete in AKC Lure Coursing Events for suffix titles effective January 1, 2008.

The Podengo is a rustic dog, brushing the dead coat out once a year will suffice.

To get the most enjoyment from your Podengo, raise the most relaxed and tolerant Podengo you can by taking your pet to training classes and provide as much early socialization as possible....

From the July 2009 Board Meeting - The Portuguese Podengo was split into two breeds Portuguese Podengo and Portuguese Podengo Pequenos.

colors & Markings

Below is a list of the colors and markings available for this breed. Please refer to the breed standard for descriptions and the difference in types.


Description Desc. Standard Colors Std. Colors Registration Code Reg. Code
Chestnut 070
Fawn 082
Gold 091
Gray 100
Off-White 461
Red 140
White & Black 202
White & Chestnut 499
White & Fawn 207
White & Gold 208
White & Gray 210
White & Orange 213
White & Red 214
White & Yellow 501
Yellow 232
Chestnut 070
Chestnut 070
Chestnut 070


Description Desc. Standard Markings Std. Markings Registration Code Reg. Code
White Markings 014
White Markings 014
White Markings 014
White Markings 014