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Training &Temperament

​The Newfie’s U.S. breed standard says, “Sweetness of temperament is the hallmark of the Newfoundland; this is the most important single characteristic of the breed.” The innate goodness of Newfs is best expressed in their affinity for kids—they take naturally to the role of nanny dog. Trusting and trainable, Newfs respond well to gentle guidance. These galumphing giants are among the world’s biggest dogs, and acquiring a pet that weighs more than many adult humans comes with obvious challenges.

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Did You Know?

Exported to England, where it was extensively bred; today, most Newfoundlands of pedigree, even in Newfoundland, are descended from forebears born in England.

The Newfoundland is particularly suited to the island of its origin with a thick, heavy coat.

The Newfoundland is large enough to bring drowning victims ashore; lung capacity enables long-distance swimming.

The Newfoundland’s great size & strength make him a wonderful guard dog, but his disposition makes him good for children families.

Although he is a superior water dog, the Newfoundland has been used and is still used in Newfoundland and Labrador as a true working dog, pulling carts or carrying burdens as a pack horse.

James Buchanan’s large Newfoundland, Lara was a celebrity around the White House because she would lay motionless for hours with one eye opened and one eye closed, always sure to keep an eye on her owner.

colors & Markings

Below is a list of the colors and markings available for this breed. Please refer to the breed standard for descriptions and the difference in types.


Description Desc. Standard Colors Std. Colors Registration Code Reg. Code
Black 007
Brown 061
Gray 100
White & Black 202
Beige 004
Black & Tan 018
White & Brown 204
White & Gray 210


Description Desc. Standard Markings Std. Markings Registration Code Reg. Code
White Markings 014