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Training &Temperament

Temperament: Generally shy and suspicious in nature but once a dog accepts a human into its pack, those behaviors disappear toward that human. Training: Very easily trained, eager to please, may or may not respond to treat training.

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Did You Know?

The Carolina Dog has been assigned the Hound Group designation.

Carolina Dogs dig snout pits. These small, conical depressions in the dirt that exactly fit the dogs' muzzles. Most snout pits are dug by females, between September and January.

The Carolina Dog has been recorded in the Foundation Stock Service since July 2017.

Carolina Dogs often have extra heat cycles in the first two years.

From the July 2017 Board Meeting - Two new breeds were added to the Foundation Stock Service Program – Carolina Dog and Australian Kelpie.

Early explorers referred to a majority of the southeast region of the United States as “Carolina” in Honor of King Charles IX of France. Each discovery of a new animal, such as the “...

colors & Markings

Below is a list of the colors and markings available for this breed. Please refer to the breed standard for descriptions and the difference in types.


Description Desc. Standard Colors Std. Colors Registration Code Reg. Code
Black 007
Black & Tan 018
Buff 068
Red 140
Tawny 198
White 199
Yellow 232


Description Desc. Standard Markings Std. Markings Registration Code Reg. Code
Irish Marked 115
Piebald 025
White Markings 014