The Winners of the 2015 AKC Publications Photo Contest

2015 photo contest header

A strong focus on those windows into the canine soul was one unifying theme among the winning images from our our annual AKC Publications Photo Contest. A Doberman Pinscher puppy, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and a lovely brindled mixed-breed gaze directly into the camera. An American Eskimo Dog is riveted on something, or someone, in the distance. There’s the crazy-eyed intensity of an Australian Shepherd splashing in a pond and a Springer Spaniel mix, determined to run with a stick that is much too big for him. A pair of French Bulldogs squint into the camera, giving a look that says We dare you.

Among our favorites is the close-up of a Golden Retriever in Alaska, covered in fluffy white flakes. All you see are eyes and snow.

Winners, Color

color 1
1st Place Color
Brenna Spencer
Mancos, Colorado
Doberman Pinscher puppy

color 2
2nd Place Color
Kala Howard
Ralston, North Carolina
American Eskimo

color 3
3rd Place Color
Peggy Anderson
Hohenwald, Tennessee
Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Winners, Black & White

bw 1
1st Place B&W
Alejandro Gomez
San Jose, California
French Bulldogs

bw 2
2nd Place B&W
Kyle Rudy
Anchorage, Alaska
Golden Retriever

bw 3
3rd Place B&W
Pamela Collins
Lake Forest Park, Washington
German Shorthaired Pointer

Honorable Mentions, Color

color hm1
Diane Lewis
Raleigh, North Carolina
Australian Shepherd

color hm 2
Mary Fish Arango
Carpinteria, California
Miniature Poodle

color hm 3
Michael Wirmel
Chicago, Illinois
German Shepherd Dog mix

Honorable Mentions, Black & White

bw hm1
Daniel Turner
Springfield, Missouri
Springer Spaniel mix

bw hm2
Krista Hoffman
Lucerne Valley, California
American Staffordshire Terrier

bw hm 3
Melody Carranza
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
English Springer Spaniel

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