12 Active Aussies Doing What They Love Most



If there's one thing that Aussies love to do, it's work. No matter what the job is, an Australian Shepherd is up to the task. They love running, playing, herding, agility, and excel at it all.

Check out these 12 active Aussies that will put your weekly gym sessions to shame.


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You may think you're a good swimmer...but can you swim and fetch a stick? Smokey can do both with ease.


This Aussie may just be a little pup, but she's already accomplished great things...like fitting comfortably into this box. After all, rest is just as important as play (especially for puppies)!


This dog is clearly a genius. How many dogs do you know that listen so well and can do so many tricks? Looks like this guy is on his way to becoming an agility star.



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What is this Aussie's favorite day of the week? Frisbee Friday!


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See what we meant when we said Aussies are happiest having a job? They may just be playing with a giant ball, but these dogs take their job very seriously. And they have a great time while doing it.


Even puppy tug-of-war is an active affair.



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Somebody's got a case of the zoomies!


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"I'll figure out how to make myself fit, just you watch."



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Little pups does not equal little energy. These pups have a ton of energy and they know how to use it best: playtime!


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Look at these guys go!



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It's agility time! This dog sure knows her way around a course. She doesn't mess around.



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This is what relaxation looks like after a long, hard day of work. Even dogs need a little R&R.

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